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Sampaca Business Club is a company that turns your dreams to reality.

We create, innovate, and transform concepts to business model that can value .

Sampaca Business Club comes from simple dreams and aspirations It was, indeed, a mere draft, an outline, a business plan. Many are saying why I should I stress my life and not engaged these business endeavors. As entrepreneur, important question had crossed my mind, “I was lucky to be trained, why not use my talents to help others ” And I recalled all the family faces I first met telling to RETIRE. All friends and personalities I first knew, told the advice with same thoughts. I know I can make a DIFFERENCE  and let people GROW in business,  specially FILIPINOS who got talent to GROW in business if given the opportunity.

I, Dr. Pedro Armando Mossesgeld Lopez, the CEO of Sampaca Business Club started the business to develop the Bakery and Restaurant Business to filipinos. Affordable franchise packages using latest technologies in equipment and software using best practices in security and development. We can provide full service to existing or new Bakery business.

Mission and Vision

It is our goal to make available software and services in affordable cost to filipino entrepreuner, so they can start earning with minimal investment.

To show that business do not require expensive cost to utilize and make profit from it.

Samapaca Foods Incorporated, revolutionize exports of Philippine products abroad, with Sampaca Business Club, we wish to be one of the best providers of hardware and software to Bakery shop and coffee shop alike that is cost efficient and reliable.

With my expertise in Marketing and talented individuals in Information Technology, we visualize, collaborate with lots of coffee and pastries, to dream to improve the way of life of filipinos specially US.

We started with this website from humble beginnings to prove our worth, with the people at their retiring age, discussing, sharing expertise to contribute value and business to Bakery owners to expand their reach to earn more."

This website and the software mentioned in this website is customized for Sampaca Business club, a franchise business of Sampaca Foods inc. For those interested to customizing to their food stores, restaurant, distribution network please email we will gladly visit you at your office/store or at residence.

Roni M. Joven

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Very Truly yours,

Dr. Pedro Armando Mossesheld Lopez
CEO, Sampaca Business Club
E-mail: pedrolopez@sampaca.biz